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A simple guide to credit scores in Canada

27.09.2021 Learn what a credit score is and how you can improve yours. Discover the factors that affect your score and learn how to borrow responsibly in Canada. Read more

How to get your credit report in Canada

12.08.2021 Having ready access to your credit report helps you keep tabs on the state of your financial health. The good news is Canadians can get a free report from Equifax and TransUnion. Read more

5 essential tips to get a personal loan approved

11.07.2021 While it’s true that legitimate lenders never guarantee credit, there are many steps you can take to improve your chances of approval. The tips in this article will help you qualify, whether you need a loan for debt consolidation, a holiday, wedding, car, essential bills, or for any worthwhile reason. Read more

How does co-signing a loan work?

14.06.2021 In simple terms, co-signing a loan means three things. First, you're helping someone get a loan. Second, you'll be responsible for paying off the loan if the person you're helping fails to pay it off. Last, although you're responsible for the loan, you don't get to share the borrowed funds or any underlying property.  Read more